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Selling Your Car - 3 Easy Steps

1. Find out what your car is worth. Kelley Blue Book is one of the most popular references for automobile values. Check both the trade-in and retail values, as this will help you make a decision for step 3 below. If you are financing or leasing your current vehicle, call your lender to verify the payoff amount. Also consult your bank about any special sale procedures.
2. Prepare your vehicle for sale. First impressions are very important, so clean the car thoroughly. Don't forget to cover all areas of the car that the customer might check: exterior, interior, trunk, storage compartments, under the hood, etc. Consider fixing paint scratches and dents because these things will devalue your vehicle and it might cost you less to repair them than the difference in selling price. Next, you will want to make sure the car drives without any problems. Consult an auto mechanic if you find any problems to see whether or not it will be worth it to fix or if you should sell the car "as is". Complete any scheduled maintenance and collect all service records. Finally, check all the fluids and the tire pressure.
3. Trade-in or private sale? Now you have several options. If you need to sell your car quickly, you can show it to a used car manager in several local dealerhips that deal in the same brand as your car. If you are planning to get another vehicle from the dealership, you can trade your current car or truck in. Both of these options are very convenient and take very little time and effort, but you will only get the trade-in (wholesale) value for your vehicle or less if demand is low for that specific model. The alternative is a private sale. You could sell your car for more money with a private sale, but will take a small advertising expense and some time and effort. There are several ways to advertise your vehicle: a "For Sale" sign on the car window, local newspaper classified sections or Internet car classifieds. Internet classifieds are very easy and quick to setup and usually will run for a much longer time than most newspaper classifieds. Often, they generate as much or more traffic as a newspaper classified and you will be reaching a much wider audience.

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